The Figure 8

It’s been a while

Today I turn 8 or 46 or 64

I can’t be sure

A lot of water has passed, contours carved and estuaries formed

As I sit on the bank

Catching reflections on the surface

I consider the depths

My body was born the day before Christ – though many years later

In a cyclone perhaps heralding the tone of the journey

Held within a family in which I was a stranger, different

And so, left early, unready and unsteady for my own path

Taking in many sights, grand adventures and misadventures

Leading to a conscious birth much later

This time following Christ and his resurrection

An orphan within a new family in which again I was a stranger

Encountering similar adventures and misadventures

These storylines strung up by the stars

Pointing to every step where my feet would kiss this earth

The space between

Now becoming full with all that is just That

And I recall you whispering earnestly, tenderly

Tat Tvam Asi, Tat Tvam Asi, Tat Tvam Asi…

In the womb of my impending new life

Knowing what has come before

Will direct the surging currents forward

With that uncomfortable coiled vitality

Waiting, now there is only waiting

I am aware more than ever of my need for help

That I can not do this alone

And so my final prayer into this void as I start the slow descent

Is that I find myself birthed into a family that is different

Like none I have ever known

Except by One

One in which I belong

One where I AM and can be loved

And yet of course will simply flow

Accepting what You offer

Thank You for birthing me over and over again …

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